Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flying Cupcakes of Love

How embarrassing that it's taken me this long to get pictures of Xander and Anika's birthday cupcakes up.  Just shows you... how behind I am?  Hrm... thought that was going somewhere else...  Anyway....
How on earth are these two 6 and 4?  When did that happen?  A bit before their birthdays' I asked their mom what they might want for a cake/cupcakes.  I try to do something different for them since while their birthdays are a week apart, they are two separate events.  Xander wanted planes - Anika wanted helicopters.  I had a grand ol' plan for Anika and her helicopters... well, after piping Xander's planes, it seemed like a good fit to do hers the same way.
The kids liked them, only one person told me I should have made Anika's pink or purple, it was for a girl after all.  well... she liked them that's all that counts.

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