Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ipema Family Canning Exchange 2015

It was once again time for our family canning exchange.  I might change it to jar exchange - because we had such a variety of different items in jars this time.  hot cocoa mix, dried basil, bacon jam, pickles, pickled beats, hot stuff (yep that's what it's called), bread mix, potato soup mix, peach butter, berry rhubarb jam, and some nutjob brought mint extract.  (I'm the nut job - more on that mint extract later....)
It's a fun fall night to get together, talk and laugh.  The stories are always my favorite part.  We even commented on it that the stories are great.  We sample each item one at a time, let the maker tell their story and tell us their adventure in canning. 
I always invite all the ladies in our family to join in the fun, but I think some are intimidated by the idea of canning, but honestly - if I can bring mint scented vodka to the party - I think anything is a go.
Thanks ladies for making the night wonderful and full of great fellowship.  Let's do it again next year!

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