Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Running and no one is chasing me...

I accomplished something last month I never even considered I might do... I ran a 5K Race.  Now mind you I was not running to win anything, it was actually a fund raiser for a food bank in Illinois (one our church works with).
This crazy running started back in July but it goes back further than that.  When I got pregnant with my son I realized I didn't actually lose the weight from my daughter - two years prior.  Getting off the floor pregnant or not was not pretty.  Fast forward to March - 6 weeks after my son was  born, pounds were coming off - yay!  Off they came, then they stopped.  I realized I was going to have to do something about it.  A year before our office had done a weight loss challenge and had started using MyFitnessPal and oddly enough it was still on my phone.  So, tracked my food for a week, lost weight.  It was amazing.
In May we had a step competition between Andy, My sister-in-law Allison, and our friend Dawn.  Who could take the most amount of steps in the month.  The day before it ended Al and I called a tie - we were both tired and said enough was enough.  More than 10K steps a day, that got the weight moving off too.
Well July came.  My brain was cooking up an idea of doing a couch to 5K program.  Andy said he'd do it too.  We'd end it with running a 5K.  We even went out together and bought running shoes!  That first Monday morning at 5AM on our $15 Goodwill treadmill was about as close to hell as I think running should come.  What did I do Wednesday?  Got up and did it all over again.  Some how in the last 3 months I worked up to running for 30 minutes.  I've had a few setback, killed a few bugs in the dark morning basement, gotten quite the startle by a very small mouse, but almost 28 pounds since I started in March, I can run for 3 miles and not die.
What's next?  I'm thinking I'll try to keep running - especially since Allison and I have another 5K in November.  I have a goal for March - but we'll see if that happens... I'm not saying what it is, that way if I don't make it - no one will know...
Oh and Andy?  He never did do the training program.  Those nice new shoes?  He ran in them for the first time on Saturday at the 5K.  Yes folks, me 9 weeks of training, Andy tosses shoes on and runs 3 miles.  He probably could have run it twice.  Oh well, I was thankful to have someone by my side supporting me as he always does.

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