Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We ate it, so you don't have to...

Once again my family will serve as a public service announcement for the rest of the world… ok for the three people who read my blog. (Hi Mom!  Hi Andy! and Hi someone else!)
One pan dishes, often they are great.  Awesome!  You are able to do all the cooking in one pan, very little clean up, only one thing to toss in the oven, everyone walks away from the table happy.
Not this time.
Chicken, broccoli and red potatoes - how could that go wrong?  Oh my.  First add in mayo - or Miracle Whip.  There is something about it that just doesn't work with cooking.  Sure it's amazing in my Zesty Chicken Tortilla Bake, but in other things? Um... no.  The potatoes did not cook so well, the broccoli was kind of over cooked.  The chicken?  Well the chicken was right on the edge of, "is this juicy and really nicely cooked or is this undercooked and we are all gonna die?"   We all sat around the table looking at our plates wondering if this was thing that would keep us close to home for the next day.  YUCK.
So.. needless to say, it went in the trash.  So sad to see it wasted, but that's what happens sometimes.
The recipe?  Nope.
Pretty pictures?  I guess the cheese is pretty...

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