Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ipema Family Canning Exchange 2016

It's starting to feel more like Fall in Chicago and for my family, that means our Annual Canning Exchange.

My rules are simple.  Show up with something in a jar - you are in the exchange.  M&Ms, peanuts, jelly, jam, whatever you want.

We had our exchange last week and as always it was wonderful.  As you probably have read in previous blog posts, my favorite part of these exchanges are the stories.  I love hearing how each person came up with their recipes, the struggles, the fun, the flops, all of it.  Love it.  We start with one jar, pass it around, each person takes some, the maker gets a chance to say what it is and her story.

This year was much like past years, plenty of laughter and love shared between us.  I thank God for these women in my life - they are wonderful role models in my life and am thankful they all put up with my crazy.  Also seeing my Gram with her family is just where she likes to be.  I'm so thankful she is still active enough to participate and enjoy the time together.

From Left to right:
Top: Sweet and Savory Dressing Bottom: Mango-Raspberry Jam
Top: Walnut Pesto
Bottom: Grandma's Apple Sauce
Garlic Infused Oil
Top: Dried Dill
Middle: Strawberry Zucchini Marmalade
Bottom: Copycat Hidden Valley Ranch Mix
Top: Church Peanut Butter
Bottom: Cherry Jubilee Ice Cream Topping

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  1. Amen! Remind me next year a little earlier that you are doing this and I may be willing to participate.


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