Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Yeah, no.

Tomatoes - their seeds are so tiny and when you plant them you think... how on earth will these grow fast enough to give us any amount of fruit in the summer.  Well... get a few packs of seeds and give it a try.
Well... When Andy planted just a few of the plants I'd started I felt annoyed.  I had worked so hard on growing those babies for him to plant only a couple of what I started?  Pffft!  Whatever.
Fast forward to now - when the rain knocked down our massive plants, cages and all - and we have ZERO hope of getting those suckers to stand up since they are so heavy laden with fruit.  Oh my yes.  So about those few little plants?  Well Andy sure picked some winners.  We also had a few that reseeded from last year.  Bonus tomatoes!
I tried a few different varieties, the most prolific currently being these sweet little yellow tomatoes.  Awfully cute.  I made a bunch of salsa with them then wanted to try my hand a tomato pie.  I saw the recipe and from the pictures it looked tasty.  Thought it would use some of our tomatoes and basil too.  It did that!  Also a crust that has been in our freezer and clearly been abused.  Thankfully I thawed it and mushed it back into shape.
while I'd like to share my recipe - I'm not going to.  You see it didn't really turn out that well.  The recipe called for mayo and stupid me I included it.  We aren't super fans of mayo in cooked/baked items... unless it's a chocolate cake.  It just gives it a weird tang.  So... I leave you with these pretty pictures - until I can find a recipe for a winner tomato pie.
Side note.  I blame Dan Quayle for my ALWAYS typing tomato and potato with an extra e on the end.  Right?  Ugh.  Thank goodness for auto-correct - can we auto-correct my brain?

Side Note!  Abby - this is not your recipe!  This was the original one I tried…. 

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