Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blood donating and baking, not my perfect mix.

A list of things I'm good at:
Slipping on the frozen rug outside.
Getting glue all over the place when using it.
Baking most things.
Making to do lists that are mostly too crazy to finish.

One thing I'm really bad at... Donating Blood.

Blood donating isn’t really my thing. Twice I’ve thought it was a good idea, twice I’ve gotten sick. Last time was the day of my mom’s family Christmas party. I decided I would bring mini marble cupcakes. We have lots and lots of little kids, mini cupcakes are great for little hands. I decided I would go easy, make a yellow cake, then add some cocoa. Too bad I didn’t have a yellow cake mix. How is this possible? I’ve become so lazy about my baking and grocery shopping. So white cake to the rescue! I took out ¾ cup of batter, added a bunch of cocoa, then swirled that into my mini cupcakes.

Off to go give blood! Andy gave first, there was quite a line. Thankfully it was at the library, so when I came for my turn with the kids, we could wander the library a bit while waiting for him. When he was done, he took the kids home while I gave. When I was done, I came home, had something to eat then decided to frost my cupcakes. I wanted to swirl the frosting all sorts of pretty, but I’m lazy- remember… I used canned frosting. As I was piping it out, the frosting wasn’t the only thing swirling, so was my brain. I finished as fast as I could so I could lay down. So yeah, blood donation? Probably not my thing. I should probably stick to baking and perhaps up my grocery shopping game. I used to be so good at it.

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