Tuesday, June 27, 2017

6 year old girl loves penguins!

Miss Anika Joy turned 6 this year and her request was for penguin cupcakes. She informed me that penguins were her favorite animal! They are pretty cool birds. Pinterest had so many different penguin ideas for cupcakes. Sometimes you find nothing, sometimes it’s an onslaught of information that you aren’t sure where to even start. I pinned a bunch of options, but then one day Wilton posted a video on Instagram – a penguin holding a heart. Perfect! Their suggestion was piping the beak with orange frosting. Hrm…. That seemed like the potential for messed up penguin faces. Instead, I heated up Starbursts in the microwave – 7 seconds - no more – and cut and formed each beak. They turned out great. Jackson was not so the fan of that Starburst – but Anika liked them. Nicholas thought they were owls. Nicholas also wears his dinner plate on his head so I’m not entirely sure his opinion matters this time. Anika liked that and that’s who mattered, the birthday girl. Thankful for this 6-year-old girlie who loves penguins!

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