Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Firetruck almost called for firetruck cake disaster cake... in other news, Nicholas is 3!

Sometimes when I make birthday cakes I surprise myself with how well they turn out. This was not one of those times.
Nicholas is 3! How that happened so quickly - I will never know. But he is 3! For his birthday I didn't know what kind of cake. He doesn't have anything he's really interested in - other than the color orange. One thing we have noticed is how much he loves to watch the fire trucks go by. We live in a crazy busy corner with plenty of emergency vehicles flying around the corner. A firetruck was a winner with the birthday boy.
The cakes I found as examples were easy. Stack the cake, frost it, add a few candies here and there... done. Right.
Since I needed a bigger cake than in the examples, I made a half sheet cake - then measured and cut it.
I frosted with canned frosting. It's easy and delicious and I have yet to find a frosting recipe that I really like. I used an entire bottle of red food coloring - first giant mistake - the frosting had this wang to it. Blech. As I stacked the cakes, hindsight - I should have refrigerated the whole thing. I didn't. So guess what happened as I continued? the layers just slid ALL over the place. When I finished frosting and decorating and realized the whole business was going to go - I got Nicholas to pose for a few pictures before the whole thing fell apart.
I was crushed. I shoved it back in place, put it in the fridge and dejected - started picking up the mess I'd made.
Thankfully my son has such a big heart. Nicholas told me, "It's OK Mommy, it's just broken." That's right buddy... it still tastes OK. He didn't even eat any of the cake! He stuck his fingers in the frosting and ate the gumdrops. Hey... he's the birthday boy, right?
Bronwyn and I already have her birthday cake planned... I already have the idea to refrigerate it after stacking... important step! Lesson learned! I have 4 months to mentally get over this firetruck cake before on to the next one. Deep breath! Oh, wait! I have a niece and nephew cake to do too!! oof...

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  1. LOL!!!! My mother would go through all of the effort to make a special cake but we did at least eat them. In fact, snapped them down so she probably thought "why did I go through all of that effort?" Your cake was great!!!! I have old cake decorating books from the early 60's that have a bunch of ideas but none as extravagant as yours. Loved it!


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