Tuesday, June 19, 2018

To my favorite 6-year old...

This post is going to be broken into two parts - the pretty and the recipe.
This is the pretty. Why is it the pretty? Because this girlie turns 6 today! We celebrated her birthday a little early due to some vacations and work schedules which is how we have a photo of this pretty girl and her cake.
I saw a video on Instagram on erin.bakes (not me - another awesome Erin) of her making this great cake. Then later I saw another company copy her exact techniques and pawn it off as their own. Not cool. erin.bakes tried to call them out - but... yeah... no love on that.
These flowers are easier than you'd think. You take candy melts of different colors and paint plastic spoons. Then fill them with the base color, pour them out and let them harden. I popped them in the fridge. Then they pop right out of the spoons like perfect petals.
The leaves are done by painting different colors of candy melts onto parchment paper. Just make sure your final coat is thick, otherwise, you will have very thin leaves.
The stems are drinking straws cut in half with melted candy melts piped in.
This was such a fun cake to decorate for my girl. We had fun together at the Wilton Outlet Sale with my mom picking out the Candy Melt colors. Bronwyn also picked the frosting color. She could have picked any... she decided white was the best color. Good choice Ms. B... and Happiest of Birthday to my favorite 6-year-old!!
And if you want the official instructions for this cake - head over to http://thecakeblog.com/2018/01/chocolate-tulip-cake.html

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