Thursday, November 26, 2009

Larry the Turkey Failure of 2009

So guess when you shouldn’t try to create a really fun and interesting holiday dessert? Thanksgiving morning… that’s right. Ever since I got the Hello, Cupcake book, I’ve dreamed of making Larry the Turkey. Oh Larry was so cute and fun. All year I’ve planned the candy corn, the sprinkles, his eyes and gobbler… I was so excited! Last night I baked all the cupcakes… this morning? Total failure. Sure, I have one that somewhat resembles Larry… but mostly? I have lots of stray body parts and tails that look like they need TLC. SO instead? I frosted the cupcakes, rolled them in sprinkles and no one will ever know about the Turkey Failure of 2009. Ok… everyone will know, it’s a funny story… I’ll tell people – in fact I called my dad and mom right away – guess what?!! HUGE failure! Ha! :) Eh… if you can’t laugh about it… Happy Thanksgiving!

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