Thursday, March 25, 2010

One Proud Grandma

On April 1st Myrtle Grace is releasing a new cross stitch pattern, One Proud Grandma.
Hrm, you might wonder, whatever does this quilt pattern have to do with grandmas? Well… let me tell you a little story.
In 2007, we did a punch needle trunk show for The Quilt Merchant, a quilt shop in Winfield, IL ( The owner Docia had told us that her shop had been selected as one of the top 10 shops in the Quilt Sampler Magazine. Since they had a special quilt pattern "Grandmother's Pride" showing in the magazine, Docia asked that we design a punch needle to match. So we created “One Proud Grandma.” Now we’ve brought the pattern to life in cross stitch.
Ok, not the best story I’ve ever told, but at least now you know why it’s named what it’s named. If it’s any consolation, the frame is made from barn board from a farm my grandparents used to live on. Not enough? Eh… oh well.

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