Friday, July 23, 2010

Clarence the Sheep

So let’s talk about sheep. Sheep and pincushions… oh and buttons too!
This is Clarence. Clarence is a sheep. On his day out… he tip toed through the… flowers. Hrm… not really tulips… oh! Poppies! This cute little guy was designed for my mom for her birthday. It’s been SO hard to keep it a secret – especially when we went to take some photos of it!
First off… Week’s Dye Works has this amazing blue linen called Blue Jean. Then… the floss colors - also Weeks– of course are awesome. Then the buttons. They are from Just Another Button Company – again so cute. Love them. And finally, the Sudberry Shaker Pin Cushion. So neat.
We went to a local childrens' petting zoo to take pictures. I had some grand plan idea that they’d be in a field and we could have them in the distance… instead we were invited into the stale and had a great time with the sheep. We did find a field of sheep – under the power lines on the corner of a busy intersection. Now, don’t think that is normal in the Chicago suburbs… surely not. :)
Sadly he’s not available to purchase until February 2011. But for now… enjoy the pics of the sheep.
And today… Today is my mom’s birthday – so Happy Birthday Mom!! Enjoy your Sheepy Sheep!

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