Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rolls of Sadness

Folks, I’m about to do you a favor. I’m not going to give you the recipe for this one. Looks great right? Impressive how all those pretty rolls are put together – so neatly placed in the pan…
Yuck… this recipe was not good. Sure I added some dill and parsley… could it have destroyed the recipe that much? SO bland – not enough salt in the house to make this any better. And it was not easy! It was a tough recipe to put together.
So – I’ll do you that favor… just look at the pretty pictures… wish it tasted good – and move on. :)
Andy didn’t even want to eat the left overs… that’s big… he likes all food. Sadly this recipe? Shredded and never to return!
So… go back to last week… check out the TaterTot Skillet of Awesome and count yourself blessed.

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  1. Oh dear - rolls of sadness really caught my attention. So sorry they didn't turn out well... I hate when that happens, but even the most experienced cooks produce icky recipes every now and then. Like a good friend once said, "you can't be a gourmet chef every day." ;)


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