Friday, March 23, 2012

Nashville 2012

I’m sure this will come as a shock to you but we are back from Nashville! No – it didn’t take us a month to get home – it just took me a month to say something about it.
The 2012 Nashville Needlework Market in a word – awesome. What a great time! It was fun to see our designer friends and our shop friends too. After a not so great trip to Texas and the Quilt Market – it felt like home being with our friends in Nashville.
Here are a few pictures of our room. We had 8 full panels of designs, a special panel just for new releases and even a free pattern we were giving away. It’s possible you noticed our bins are setup near the toilet paper dispenser. That’s right – in the bathroom. At first I wasn’t so sure about Andy’s idea of the stock room being in the bathroom – but as usual – he was right. He had his setup on the kitchenette so we could process invoices and payment, pull orders and get it all to the customer all in good time. Worked amazingly well.
Our next show will be Nashville 2013 – at least that’s our plan right now. Mini Myrt/Marv will be making our lives a bit interesting from here on out.

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