Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Heart shaped pasta should have had sad faces...

Recipe testing is just another service offer her at the Raatjes household. We test and hate them so you don’t have to.
This round of recipe testing: Chicken Queso Pasta.
I found some heart shaped pasta this Valentine's Day and thought the kids might like it. I also found a recipe I thought we might like. I showed it to Andy – he was all “thumbs up!” Life lesson learned. If something calls for Velveeta – or a Velveeta-like substance – just don’t make it. Andy will not like it. He will think he will like it but he won’t. It will always be too creamy – no matter how much of the orangey yellow substance is added.
Case in Point.
I had steroid shots in my neck on the 13th of February– so I was laying low on the 14th. Figured I could easily make this pasta dish for my family for dinner. I thought it tasted OK – it was a little gloppy and on reheat was NOT good. My family? Oh, how we had to force the kids to eat it, even Andy. I had bought some pink velvet mini cupcakes too – those also were not awesome. So guess who didn’t really do so awesome on a fun Valentine's Day dinner – oh well – I tried. The kids LOVED their Skittles and light up dollar magic wands from Target – always a winner.
Note: you can’t even see the heart pasta. I should have just made pasta and sauce… lesson learned.

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